Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yet Another Grip for a 22XX -- Part 2

Some additional progress on those rosewood grips.

After the maple spacers were dry, I cut them to the profile of the grips with the scroll saw.

This was supposed to be simple, but the casting seam around the grip frame was really bothering me for some reason so it had to go.

I'll take it to a higher grit later then repaint it.

And what is this second hole for exactly?  

Mixed up some J-B Weld epoxy.

Backed with electrical tape so it doesn't sag inward.  Overfilled it and let it dry for a day.

Then sanded flush.

The mystery hole is gone. 

Fitted the rear of the right grip panel to the backstrap.

Penciled in a guide and started removing wood.

The belt sander makes for pretty quick stock removal.

Burned through several sanding drums.  3/4" 50-grit is probably my favorite for shaping thumb rests.

When I started shaping the left panel, the top edge came off.  Happens.  Sometimes there's a hairline crack in the grain.  It's no big deal.

Yellow wood glue, Gorilla glue, epoxy would all suffice the repair.  I went with a Titebond brand cyanoacrylate for speed.

No overnight drying times.

Overfilled it to soak it into the wood.

A bit of sanding and it'll be pretty much invisible.

Still shaping.

Getting there.  I'll need to tweak the fit here and there to my hand as well as do some final fitting to the grip frame--then some more sanding.  Oh, and then re-spray the grip frame...

Check back soon.


Anonymous said...

That hole is for the quick release shoulder stock. It would have a pin with a spring in to release the grip.

derrick38 said...

Appreciate the info. Is there a link? The only Crosman shoulder stock I can think of is the 1399 which mounts up using the grip screws.

Anonymous said...

I think it was the 2289 backpacker or such had a green stock sans screws. I think multiple variations of a carbine had this stock in different locales. Canada still gets a version of it. lemme see if google proffers up a result. Hopefully the blog will accept urls.
These show the little pin. Crosman should still have the manuals online that show how it all works.
WHY a new grip modified for marauder internals has a old carry over hole for a long dead shoulder stock, I do not know. :p All my current crosman's are of the pc77 base.

derrick38 said...

Thanks for the info. I always assumed that the 2289 model used the same stock as the 1377.

Anonymous said...

I ordered the pin and installed it and modified a spring from my parts box. Works great. The only problem is that I now have this flat end pin scratching my thumb when shooting. The next pin will be a DIY and the end that scratches my thumb will have a round end.

Go to the Crosman pistol EV manual for the 2289 backpacker. This part is still in stock. If you order it go ahead and get the spring. Shipping is only $4.00 and that is higher than the cost of these parts.


Anonymous said...


The Backpacker is listed under RIFLES.

Here is the link you requested.

The pin is #1389A006

The spring is #1322-017

I did not purchase the #1389A070 pin that apparently catches the hooked end of the grip frame located on the corner below the trigger guard. The 1399 stock works without it.


derrick38 said...

Thank you for all the info. Very helpful.