Thursday, March 29, 2012

Crosman Trapmaster 1100 Disassembly, Part 5

A little longer…
Just two pieces left…
Rear cartridge piercing.
I braced it in a vice and unscrewed it.

Well two pieces came out…
The o-ring has an old nick.
The piercer won’t come out…soaked it in some WD40.
So the valve tube assembly end won’t come out because one screw is sheared off. I drilled it down below the surface.
Finally. Man, look at that rust. I was hesitant to take the Trapmaster apart as it looked ok, but clearly it needed this.
Even the o-ring is rusty.
Valve spring.
Valve assembly.
At least the valve seat looks good.
Valve parts.
That seal looks ok.
Finally was able to jimmy out the piercing pin with a broken dental pick.
The screen retainer was so rusty it broke when I removed it.
Dang, that’s nasty.
One more post…


Anonymous said...

Woah! I just picked up a 1100 and was fearing what I would find inside. Thank you for posting your tear-down. Maybe I'll be able to get it back together with your great pictures and detail of the disassembly.


Keith_J said...

I too am restoring an 1100 Trapmaster. The firing valve and chamber are leaking, much less corrosion. Firing valves are hard to find, looks like I will have to make one from Viton rubber.

Also, shells are hard, Phoxx manufacturing out of the Dakotas used to make these until recently. So I made some from 7/16" brass tube and washers, soldering the washer to a short length. The seals held enough pressure for 4 shots. I made wads from cardboard and a punch, using a bit of oiled tissue as a column to better seal.

If you know of sources of firing valve and shells, please include a link. Otherwise, I will have to make both.

Nick Carter said...

For rebuild kits I'd try Bryan and Associates as well as the other guys on my short list of suppliers:
Bryan and Associates, Mac1, Precision Pellet or JG airguns.

I'm lucky in that I came across a few boxes of shells at a yard sale a while back, they do come up on Ebay, Gunbroker and Auctionarms from time to time and that's probably where I'd start looking.

Phoxx Mfg said...

Phoxx Mfg did not go out of business, he simply moved.
If anyone is looking for the Shot Shells to the Trapmaster 1100, Phoxx Mfg in Hazelton, ND is still making them. He can be reached at:

pricing on shells is $25.00 for a box of 100

web page:

Phoxx Mfg said...

Phoxx Mfg also repairs the Trapmaster 1100. If you run into a situation that you are uncertain if you can repair, or are looking for parts, call Joe and speak with him about either repair, cleaning, parts, or shot shells.