Saturday, October 15, 2011

RWS (Diana) Model 45 Disassembly, Part 2

On I go…

With the barrel removed, I noticed that one of the washers looked suspiciously like a hardware store washer. Rusty too.

The other washer is a characteristic Diana stamped shim washer.

Underneath the wrong washer was another correct shim washer. So I probably have to make a replacement for the rusty one.

The piston was sleeved.

The sleeve and a washer that the end of the spring bears against.

With the sleeve removed the cocking shoe fell into the piston. Not sure how it goes back together but I bet I’ll figure it out.

The rod in the piston is both spring guide and safety actuator.

I presume this square hole is what gets caught by the trigger assembly.

The piston seal seemed to be plastic at first.

But a gentle scrape with my fingernail shows it’s just dirty and compressed leather.

I cleaned it off with some alcohol.

I have no idea how to get the seal off. Any ideas? In a more sensible gun the steel bit there in the center would be a screw…


Ryan said...

Sure looks like a pinned and peened post holding that seal on - maybe a rivet?

I'm guessin you're going to be doing some drilling, some screw fabrication and some tapping.

Nick Carter said...

Well it look like a blind cross pin holds the seal on. The seal looks pretty good so I'm probably just going to clean it up and use it as is.

Paul said...

I have never owned a 45, but I do remember conversations in the past about the relative difficulty in changing the seal when the time came. If you get the desire to change to a synthetic seal, here is a related post