Wednesday, July 13, 2011

IZh-60, Some Semi-Final Notes

I know that I need to address the lack of sights and the missing front plug in the stock, but first I thought I would add a few notes taken during reassembly.

The Piston seal. Look at how burned it is!07131101
The breech end plug.
I removed the ratchet pawl and spring for cleaning and lubing.07131104
Another shot.
As I may have mentioned, the bolt was hanging up in the breech when cocking. So I set it up on the Taig lathe and chamfered the end of the large diameter.07131107
I used this long center drill to debur the bolt hole transition.07131108
Much smoother.
I put a seal from the IZh-61 on the piston (seemed a bit loose) and the IZh-61 spring. Notice the proper orientation of the spring guide, which is really a more of a “top hat”, except it isn’t.
All reassembled and shooting at about 478 fps with Crosman premiers which is bang on the money.

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