Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crosman V-350 BB Gun Disassembly, Part 2

On I go
I had to pump up the contrast to show the stamping on the barrel.
I probably should mention that you cock the rifle by sliding the barrel into the action...but more about that if/when I get it working...

Removing the front sight.
The threads are minimal, as the rust gives way.

The trigger guard is removed with two screws.

Punching out the trigger pin.

The trigger/sear is pulled out.

Trigger/sear, pin and spring.

The ball…it's the "barrel lock" so it presumably locks the barrel.

I carefully levered it out.

There’s a spring underneath.

The ball and spring.

Removing the piston seal. It stretched and came off. I’m not sure how to replicate it. I suppose I could try and reuse it but it is a bit scarred.

The hammer and piston assembly. The manual shows it as two pieces but as far as I can tell it’s one piece.

The "pop" valve cleaned up.

I removed the seal. It seems to be nylon.

The felt and o-ring are both toast.

So now I have to clean everything and try to reassemble it. I don’t know if the seals can be re-used. If I have to fit a new piston seal I may try an o-ring or make a copy of the teflon seal from polyurethane. Or I may try teflon. I will still need to examine the piston thoroughly to see if it could possibly be two parts.


Slinging Lead said...

God bless you guys. Who else would bring these poor rifles back from the brink of extinction? I love the blogs, keep them coming.

shaky said...

Nice, I am following this to see how it comes out I have the same model but not quite as rusty. It seems to work well but low powered , will not penetrate a cardboard box,have fed it some pellgun oil to see if it helps I like your blog very much. Kee up the good work.

Tom @ Buzzard Bluff said...

For Shaky:
The Crosman model #--V-350--
tells you specifically how fast your rifle should be pushing BBs out of the muzzle.


It distinguished the Crosman product from Daisy's @ 300fps products.
A V-350 or M-1 carbine (V-350 in military uniform) in good order will get very close to that, but I doubt that the current project will do so without a new seal.
Fun little tin can dingers that don't require dismounting to re-cock & reload nor have the monkey-motion pinch points of the Daisy M-25. Tom @ Buzzard Bluff

Stryker said...

I have two of these, only they're the version manufactured for Sears & Roebuck and sold as Sears & Roebuck Model 126'02940.

Anonymous said...

i also have one of the Sears Model 126'02940. that i was given that was missing the front barrel band [i made one in two parts on a lathe and silver brazed togeter]that was before i found this post [i thank you alot for posting this info] so i also will have to make a trigger and come up with the spring and pin for the same the ball and spring at the front of the stock is missing along with the rear sight but there again with the help of your post i now know what it all looks like and we will getter done.

Anonymous said...

i have one of these air rifles tring to find parts to fix it It is in perty good condetion it will fire but the BB dose not shot any guess's on mite be rong thanks DJ

Nick Carter said...

For reseal kits, parts and service you can try Bryan and Associates, Mac1, Precision Pellet or JG airguns.

B Jones said...

I have a I-350 Crosman Slide Action B-B air rifle, but all I can find are V-350. It says Crosman Arms Co. Inc Fairport NY Made in USA on one side of barrel and on other it has the 1-350 Slide Action B-B Air Rifle Pat Pending. It has a solid wood stock, moveable rear sight, and is in pretty good shape.

Jerry Partin said...

Hi I have v-350 cross man and, it works fine but it doesn't hold the BB in place when you cock it if you lower the barrel the BB just rules out can someone tell me what's going on here.

Unknown said...

Where can I find parts for a v350

Duane Reid said...

Where can I find part for a v-350 ? I need the trigger gaurd and the front and rear sights.

Anonymous said...

Wow yours needs work . Mine will shoot through 3/8 to half inch of cardboard . And will bust the hell outta a qt. Mason jar