Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Haenel 303-Super Picture Addendum and Chrony Numbers

The sun came out today so I thought I'd take advantage and snap a couple better pics of the new
barrel weight.

The 3/4" OD tubing was the largest size that would still blend into the front sight band. Didn't want to have to channel the weight for the front sight as this was supposed to be simple.

Here's the 4mm set screws.

Still needs an accessory rail and a hand stop.

Ran the gun over the chrony and it's putting out RWS .177 cal Hobby pellets at an average of 659 fps over a 30 shot string.

The next project will be an aperture for the IZH diopter I found at the Findlay, OH, Toys that Shoot show. Hopefully, just some basic lathe work.

Should have something up in a couple days.


Ed Shepherd said...

Many thanks for the blog about the Haenel 303-Super. We have two of these Haenels at out rifle club in England and when time permits, we will carry out a stripdown useing your methods as a guide. Best regards, Ed Shepherd, Birmingham, England.

Slinging Lead said...

Darth Derrick

Great stuff.

I have a couple of questions. One, was the weight made in three sections to give length options?

Two, is Van's the best cold blue product you have used?

You might think you are pretty cool with your gloves, but I have news for you. Purple is the new black.

BTW I never remove material from my tin-foil hat. You can't be too careful these days.

derrick38 said...

I couldn't bore a 7-1/2" continuous tube, so since it had to be made in pieces, it made sense--at least to me--to make it modular.

So far, and for most steel alloys I've tried it on, Van's has been the best cold blue. Not necessarily based strictly on coloration, but especially based on the piece not rusting a week later.

Fixed my hat with aluminum tape. Stronger than the foil and I get way better FM reception.

Have you tried buying nitrile gloves somewhere besides Bed, Bath and Beyond?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find your velocity numbers pre-tune. I am interested in how much of a success the transfer port reduction was regarding power and the reduction of harshness. I am considering reducing the transfer port on a Diana280 which I believe is .160"