Monday, February 21, 2011

A.B.T. Shooting Gallery Rifle Disassembly, Part 4

Almost done…


Oh, the second socket head setscrew.




It retains the hammer/trigger assembly.


The trigger is riveted, so I won’t remove it. The pin could be pressed out to remove the hammer and spring but I’ll leave it for now.


You can see the spring and hammer.


Pushing it in.


That leaves the valve.


A screwdriver should work as the valve stem can be pushed past the screw slot.


Removed. No seal on it, although most of the air should just go out through the barrel. Maybe I’ll use some teflot tape although it’s a pretty tight thread.


The valve stem wouldn’t come out. So I pressed against it through the air supply hole with a bamboo chopstick.


Valve stem and seal. It’s fairly soft rubber and appears to be in good shape.


Another view.


This is what it would look like assembled. I notice there’s no spring to keep the valve seated on the seal, which is curious. I wonder if there’s supposed to be one?


My bench after the disassembly. I’ll clean it all up and reassemble. I'll spend some time trying to understand better how the mechanism works. Then it’s a question of finding the proper ammo, making a cardboard tube for the ammo, and hooking up an air line.

If you have any useful information, especially a manual for the rifle, original cardboard tubes and ammo, etc. I'd love to hear from you. UPDATE: See here for a source for original ammo.


joeengineer said...

Looks like a lot of small screws to replace. I remember a carny that ran one of these. His gun was full auto. 100 bbs and you had to punch out a printed star on a piece of paper. No prize for cutting the paper in have to remove the star. Thanks for posting these interesting tear downs and re-builds


kennyboy said...

I provided some ammo tube info in response to your request on the American Vintage Airguns forum.
Keep up the great job on your Blog!

Felice Luftschein said...

Hey, thanks! For some reason I didn't see your posting last week. Very helpful, now I can at least whip up something that will work. I hope to get the rifle back together soon...

Karen said...

Hey BB,

My first time here, although I have been paying attention for awhile. I want to thank you for all the help you have given me with your great pics and instructions on gun repair.

I just bought an ABT Gallery Gun myself. It came with a bunch of BB tubes. I intend to break it down, clean it out and get it back to good working order. Your pics and disassembly instructions will be a big help. It shoots a larger shot than BB. Not sure the size but definitely bigger. The ammo tubes are coated, inside and out, with wax.

Do you think there would be any demand for these ammo tubes. I have way more than I can ever use.


Felice Luftschein said...

If you ask on the vintage forum,
you'll get an idea of the tube price. As far as I can tell the rifle uses 3/16 ball bearings, which is what I've been shooting through it (need to get up another post on the rifle shortly). I'd love a few of those tubes myself - send me an email at