Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jeffrey Corton’s Diana Seal Tool

As you can probably tell, I’m in the midst of Holiday craft selling insanity and haven’t had time to play with the Rochesters or any other airguns lately.

A while ago I received the following pictures from Jeffrey Corton showing his extremely simple (as in, "why didn't I think of that?"), no machining required version of the seal tool I made for the Diana pistol piston seals. Also scroll down to the bottom for a nice solution to the Crosman model 38 valve tool as well…

All pictures and text by Jeffrey Corton, thanks a bunch Jeff!

Main Piston Seal 1_25

1. Parts: seal, electrical end cap (large end diameter slightly larger than piston crown), O-ring, 2" socket extension and socket (slightly wider than the electrical end cap).

Main Piston Seal 2_25

2. Work seal over small end of cap.

Main Piston Seal 3_25

3. Set end cap inside O-Ring. Press seal using extension/socket down to O-Ring. O-ring is simply present to prevent seal from sliding off the end cap.

Main Piston Seal 4_25

4. Final position of seal and end cap.

Main Piston Seal 5_25

5. Place end cap over piston crown.

Main Piston Seal 6_25

6. Using extension and socket, press seal over end cap and onto piston. Picture has seal already installed and one set to go.

Main Piston Seal 7_25

7. Seal pressed in place.

Main Piston Seal 8_25

8. Remove extension/socket and end cap should be free.

Main Piston Seal 9_25

9. Tada, mission complete.

As promised, a bonus for the Crosman Model 38 valve:


"Don't have a cool lathe like you, so I had to figure out another way to unscrew the Crosman 38T Valve. So: snap ring pliers. See attached pic. I just used the 90-degree attachment, didn't even attach the ends to the plier handles. Just set them in place and twisto-presto. Easy peasy lemon squeezy."

Thanks again Jeff!


derrick38 said...

Nice work Jeff!

Azgulch said...

OK Jeff, your post was excellent and helped me get my piston seal into its proper position. But, I'm having trouble getting the piston with the new seal to insert into the cylinder. Please tell me how you got the newly sealed piston into the cylinder without seal damage. Thanks.