Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Grips for the Crosman 150 Part 1.5

Another quick post. This is a follow up to the last post where I cut out the grip panels for a Crosman 150. Before I can start the real shaping, I have to get the grips attached to the frame. First things first, I need a primary reference point. After looking at the gun for a minute, I think the top edges of the grips where they contact the gas tube will work.

Top edge of each grip is sanded flat on the belt.

Put the grip on the frame, pushed that flat edged against the gas tube then pressed it down hard. The small protruding boss of the trigger pivot pin left a slight mark on each side. Drilled a small hole for the boss at each mark then spotted and through drilled for the grip screws. Yeah, I'm glossing over, but I've done a bunch of grip posts and everyone is probably asleep by now.

A couple #6-32 screws and the grips are on.

Has a certain BSA 240 Magnum look to it right now. That'll pass. With the grips on, I traced around the frame then went to a drum sander.

Sanded up to, then just slightly beyond the traced lines.

Only fitting the top of the backstrap and most of the frontstrap for now. Not sure yet how much excess to leave at the heel.

Not quite committed. There's still enough extra wood to provide possibilities.

Already looks better than the original grips.

More soon.

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