Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yet Another Crosman 600

Stopped at a local yard sale Friday afternoon. Asked the gentleman the obligatory “have any airguns, bb guns, pellet guns?” The answer was yes, but he couldn’t find it. I gave him my card (I have “I buy airguns” business cards) and he called back that evening. Next morning I was $45.00 poorer.


The Crosman 600, powerlets and Superpells.


The old style bottle cap CO2.


Superpells, somewhat oxidized. Both of those accessories will go in the museum…


It seemed sticky (notice the schmutz on the piercing cap) so I added some oil here and there and tried it out. Gas escaped out the barrel. So I took it apart. It isn’t the first…or even the second.


You can see the build up of crud where the safety pivot screw was.


I read on one of the forums that you could use the grip screws to remove the valve retention pins.


Worked fine on the one.


The other was sticky so I made a crude puller.


I’ll make a more elegant version of that in the future.


Another 600 in pieces. I’ll update the blog if I do anything differently from the other two I messed with.

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