Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fitting A New Rubber Band To A Slingshot

I'm in between projects and pressed for time so here's something only nominally connected to airguns.

I bought this Marksman slingshot for a buck at that garage sale two years ago.

It didn't have much power and the condiction of the rubber band was suspect. You can see the checking.

Doesn't inspire confidence.

So I rolled the edges up and off of the slingshot forks.

I picked this up this "Talon Grip" replacement kit at our local "Bi-Mart", I forget how much it was but it was cheap.

It was the only kit they had in stock. I'm not sold on the "magnetic pouch" but what the heck.

I put the replacement tips on the forks.

A 50/50 mix of rubbing alcohol and water for lubrication.

And the bands slid right on. You then leave them until the water/alcohol mix evaporates.

Now to hide it from the kids, again.


Frank B said...

Well don't I feel stupid!Never ever would have thought of the water and da man.Now I just need to find a bi-mart and I'm in buisness.:]

Felice Luftschein said...

Well they did provide pretty good instructions with the kit, including the bit about the alcohol! I was pretty sceptical that it would work so well as it did.

Unknown said...

I wish I knew this last fall...
We have a tennis-ball launcher/slingshot (from "HyperDog") and my tubing replacement job lasted like 2 days. I'll have to try the alcohol and water trick next time!

Orin said...

I'm surprised alcohol doesn't end up drying out the tube. That cheapie surgical tubing that they use on most slingshot bands never lasted very long on any of mine.

The trick I always used was to suck on the fork caps, liberally coating them with saliva. It probably doesn't evaporate as fast as alcohol, but wet saliva is very viscous, and dried saliva holds like glue. Try it next time you have to mount a suction cup - if you don't mind licking things that have no business being licked. Wait, is it too late to retract that last statement? It didn't come out quite right...

- Orin

Entomophile said...

That slingshot is one of my favorites, a very natural shooter. But those magnetic bands are junk. Try a set of Trumark bands. The red tapered ones are great, light pull with good velocity.

FRED said...

A trick I've used on motorcycle handgrips is hairspray.It stays tacky when it dries so the grips don't slide off. It might also work for this slingshot.

Fred (PRoNJ)