Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cleaning Up A Thrashed Diana Model 5 Pistol End Cap

Well I haven't entirely given up on the Diana/Gecado 5 as I do have a thrashed action I can rehab to fit.

The end cap was beat up so I decided to try cleaning it up.

First I chucked up some aluminum.

I turned some steps, only the front one matters although the other ones will be used to true it in the chuck if I need to use it again.

Setting the threading tool.

Interestingly enough, the thread seems to be 24 tpi, not metric.

Cap screws on.

I filed the radius and faced the front.

You can see it's a trifle messed up.

I removed a little bit at a time.

Until it was clean.

I then knurled it. I had to adjust the rollers again to get a full depth knurl. If I do it again I'll order slightly finer knurls as these were pretty coarse.

Not bad?

A little abrasive brushing removed the burs and such.


derrick38 said...

Night and day on the knurling. I was thinking you'd need to use a thread restoring or riffling file to clean up the knurls, but those look great. Let us know what you blue it with.

ragnarhairybreeks said...

a rookie question, it looks like you cut the threads with the compound at 90 to the work. I say compound, i can't tell, maybe just a cross slide.

but if compound, why is it set at 90, and not the approx 1/2 of the thread angle, ie 29 - 30 degrees?

I'm not arguing with success, you realise :)


Nick Carter said...

It's hard to tell from the pics but the compound was set at 30. But Sometimes I will just plunge in with the cross slide rather than feed at an angle with the compound on a small thread like that.