Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Crosman Model 140 Disassembly, Part 1

I picked up a Mongomery Wards branded Crosman 140 in December, pretty cheap. It wouldn't pump up but I figured I had already done a strip of the 140 for the blog, until I checked and realized that while I had rebuilt a horrible 140 in parts and Derrick refinished a 147 stock, we hadn't actually disassembled one for the blog. So here I go.

Dark brown stained stock, plain jane 140.

A nice touch on this 140 was the plastic ramp attached to the utilitarian front sight. I'm not sure if all 140s had this or only the MW ones?

The cap on the breech was chewed up, which is a clue that someone has tried to fix it in the past.

To get the stock off I had to remove the safety and unscrew the lock nut.

I put the safety in the neutral poistion and pushed it out. You can see the plunger tip.

I used my roll pin pusher to remove the pivot pin.

The front sight assembly.

The pump arm and piston slid out. The pump plunger pulled vaccuum on the way out which means that it's ok (borne out by later use) so I won't be removing it. Which is a pity as it requires making a tool to remove the pressed on retainer.

Small dowel pin removed.

Now the breech cover.

Screw removed and cover slid off rearwards.

Rear breech screw.

I used an offset screwdriver to remove the trigger assembly.

Put aside for later.

There's a nylon bushing in the hole that had to be pried out.

You can see that someone tried to pry the cap off the breech but didn't realize the nylon bushing had locked it in.

Using the screw as a lever worked fine.

The cap is really chewed up.

Then the bolt comes out. It looks fine, or at least better than the last one.


Anonymous said...

I have a 140 that is a little different. It has a push type cocking button on the back of the air tube and the trigger mechanism stays with the stock. Does anyone have a diagram? Thanks

Anonymous said...

just got a 140.it will not pump at all i put little oil in. but still nothing what should i do? how do i get parts if i need em?

Nick Carter said...

For reseal kits, parts and service you can try Bryan and Associates, Mac1, Precision Pellet or JG airguns.

In the UK: Lawrie Amatruda, lawrieandpat@talktalk.net
Chambers Gunmakers

Tell them I sent you.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your posts on Crosman 140 / 147 rifle strip down/rebuild. I have an early 147 which wasn't holding it's charge long enough to take aim! I have now rejuvenated it with a new set of seals. Your post were invaluable for showing me the way!

Unknown said...

About resealing the pump cup, I thought about putting two #111 o-rings where the felt ring goes (my felt ring has torn up). That groove is about the right size .405 dia. taped up to .430 and .210 wide.

Unknown said...

The two #111 o-rings in the felt ring groove worked out pretty good, it is pumping up now. It took 7 new o-rings at less than 70 cents a-piece. But now I am having trouble with the trigger catch, the 1st time I pumped it up with the new seals it fired without pulling the trigger. It looks like the reset plunger is catching on something. I'll have to keep trying it out to see if it keeps doing it.