Friday, January 29, 2010

Sidetracked on Paintball Auto-Cockers

Got waylaid on a couple small projects for co-worker Rich (aka "Gigantor"). When your 6'5", 240 pound co-worker asks for something, you don't say no.

He's a paintball fiend and is one of the top players Ohio. He just recently purchased some custom paintball guns that he wanted slightly modified.

Forgive me if I butcher the terms and items. Not my field.

These are auto-cocker bolts. The top is a custom delrin bolt from CCM. He was getting air blow-by and wanted to add o-rings like the aluminum bolt on the bottom.

Chucked it into the 3-jaw,

and using a small parting tool, cut o-ring grooves on either side of the port.

Here's one cut. It's 0.072" wide. The bottom of the groove is 0.555" in diameter.

A couple pics from another co-worker, Doug. He's the guy with the camera always at the ready and he can shoot like a pro--if you pay him.

The second small job involved another used paintball gun for Rich. In a fit of stupidity I didn't take pics of the work until the end. In my defense, I was trying to just get it out of the way to work on the HW 35EB.

The end of the bolt had a small lip to grasp when cycling the gun manually--in case there was a broken ball in the gun. This gun shoots about 30 balls per second and Rich burns through about $65+ in paint per HOUR of game play. (He will seriously jack you up.) I get a sinking feeling in my stomach every time he mentions taking me along to a paintball match. I've no desire to be shot 45 times in under 2 seconds.

Anyway, the end of the bolt was covered in plier marks. I chucked the bolt and took off the plier-damaged lip. Then, I turned the domed end into a cone and faced off the very end. The flat end was then spotted, drilled, and tapped to M5 x .8mm.

Countersunk a knurled stainless steel washer and attached it with a stainless steel flat head bolt. Added an aluminum washer in between the knurled washer and the bolt to allow some stand-off to make it easier to grab. Polished all the aluminum. Gigantor is happy as can be and when Gigantor is happy, everybody is happy.

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