Sunday, January 3, 2010

Benjamin Model 132 Pistol Disassembly, Part 2

On I go...

I removed the "stock frame" from the pistol. It was a bit difficult to remove the screw from inside the trigger guard but it wasn't that tight so I could use a long thin screwdriver to access it.

An interesting detail, the pin aligns the from with the tube.

Tiny spring sits above the safety...

And under the spring, a ball.

The grips removed. Quite similar to the early Crosman 130 grips. I'll have to compare the two at some point.

The conical brass washers are a nice touch.

The sear and trigger spring.

Pushing out the trigger pin.

And pushing out the "trigger relay pin".

Time to note the proper orientation of the spring to the sear.

The "relay bearing" is the tube staked(?) into the sear. No point removing it.

I had to wiggle and rotate the safety while pivoting the trigger to get it out.

The safety.

The trigger lifts out.
More to come...


Sandy said...

Hey lovin it. the one thing I need to know and am waiting with anticipation for, is how in the world to take apart the air chamber so that a guy could rebuild the seals. It is amazing how little information is out there on tearing these things apart. keep up the good work.

Felice Luftschein said...

Read the whole series!
Also read all the other benjamin pumper posts. Click on one of the labels at the bottom of the post or read the index of posts (link on the sidebar)