Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Trigger Shoe Update

A quick project. When I made the first trigger shoe, a few days ago, I used half of a ring of aluminum. This is the other half of that ring. Not much difference at all. Just left it "in the white". Sanded it a bit more than the first shoe with the Dremel tool and a small sanding drum, then took it to 500 grit with successively finer grades of emery cloth. A bit of Mother's Mag and Aluminum Polish, and it shined up like a mirror.

Installed on an extra 22XX/13XX grip frame to test for fit and trigger travel.

I liked the polished finish so much I couldn't bring myself to blacken it.

Installed it on the 2250 CAR project from last year.

As of right now, all my airguns are functional so it looks like the next project is gonna be grips for that Crosman 150. Dang. I hate making grips. I need some busted airguns.

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