Thursday, December 10, 2009

Haenel 311 Aperture Sight Disassembly

Well I found a small amount of time in the shop between work and decided to take apart the Haenel 311 sight for cleaning.

The sight.

Mounting block removed.

The underside.

The parts. Notice the flat cut on the screw.

Two screws in the face.


That shoe is just loose and under spring tension...

The Iris body unscrewed, but I couldn't get the stem to unscrew from the sight...

Neat little adjustable aperture setup.

The adjusting screws.

Both are left hand threaded.


Punching out the pins that retain the knobs in the body. Notice the finger below to catch the pin once I punch it out...

The knobs were a bit tight in the body...but just pull out when the pin is removed. Tiny spring and ball on each for the detent.

I chucked the threaded part of the eyepiece in some aluminum soft jaws and unscrewed the block.

This is one of the useful properties of soft jaws...

That post threads in and binds on the eyepiece.

All the parts. I have to wait for this cold snap to be over before getting much quality time in the shop...hard to do any work when your fingers are numb.

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