Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Haenel 310 Rear Sight Elevator

Now to get the rear sight working...

Here's my initial drawing...my only change was to go with a smaller radius on the top.

I punched out the pin.

I did not lose the spring.

I milled a channel in a 14"x1/4"x1/2" piece of plastic. I'm not sure what type of plastic it is, probably UHMW. It is very slippery. So I had to take lots of light cuts.

I rummaged around in my tooling and found this tiny woodruff keyseat cutter, which worked fine for making the undercut slot.

Fits perfectly!

Then I milled some ears on the underside.

And used a 90 deg. vee cutter to make them into wedges. These mate with the vee cuts in the sight.

A small radius relief...

I was going to cut the serrations on the mill but decided it would be safer (slippery plastic...) to use a checkering file.

Not perfect but it looks fine.

Installed and works fine.

Here are some of the tiny cutters I have...


Carel said...

Did you ever get that 4,4mm round shot?

Felice Luftschein said...

Yes, I now have bags of it!