Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rambling, Probing

So I had hoped to get a post up about probing a Crosman grip...
I recently got a touch probe for one of my CNC mills.

The probe in the spindle. Crosman 1377 grip on the table.

The probe goes down until it trips and writes the x,y,z location to a points file. Then it steps over and probes down again. It's pretty slow. Unfortunately I'm still learning so it stopped about 1/5th of the way through when I stepped out to do some errands, likely because I didn't have the clearances set right. So I need to find time to try again.

Here's the points file of part of the grip.

Here's a rough "mesh" of the points. In theory this will allow me to scan a grip, tweak and then mill it out of wood. Obviously it'll take me a while to get it all worked out.

This is probably a good time to mention a couple of things.

First off I still need airguns! I'm looking for something that needs work and is cheap. You can see what I've written about so far, so I'm looking for something different. If you have something that you think I might want, email me! I really want to find a beater HW/R series rifle, Haenel, Slavia APP, etc. I definitely don't need any more Blue Streaks, Slavia 630s or Diana 45s... The odder the better.

Also I should mention that I still have plenty of Chapman screwdriver kits and Morgan recoil pads available...see the sidebar for details.

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