Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tweaking the IZH513M Rear Sight, Part 2

On I go...

You can see there's a bit of a deformity in the elevation bracket, as well as ample play.

It wiggles side to side with a huge gap.

This shows how the left side is not parallel to the right. I tweaked it by bending it gently.

The pivot holes have a nasty burr...that got filed off.

I made some thin delrin washers to try and eliminate any play.


Parting off each washer...

The washers in place.

Then I found that I needed another washer between the knurled head of the but and the outside of the bracket.

In place. This thickness was hard to get right, as the screw has to securely lock the sight to the dovetail and allow the elevation bracket to move.

Just right, the spring can push the sight up but there's a small amount of drag.

Reassembled, you can see there's a lot less twist. And I'll probably end up putting a scope on it after all of that!


Anonymous said...

can u please post how to modify power/velocity on a Benjamin discovery

Felice Luftschein said...

I'd love to but I don't have own one to play with! Lots of info over at the various forums though.


derrick38 said...

I think this can be adapted to your needs:


Anonymous said...

Thanks Derrick and nick for the advise

John - India said...

Lovely fix, thank you very much, I had the same problem on my Brand new 513M and your fix worked for it.