Sunday, July 5, 2009

Slavia 630 Piston Seal, etc.

I'm getting some seals for the 630 through a complex mechanism but figured I should try and make a seal for one of the 630s.

I needed a longer gage for measuring the bore of the tube. I hit on the idea of attaching a pin vise to the telescoping gage as an extension. I should invest in a bore gage at some point.

Cutting the face of some 75D urethane flat.


Boring the recess.


Snaps right on! Notice my precision drawing.

Facing to length.


I decided to size the seal with a grinding stone in the dremel. Because I had cut the groove it generated a lip that tapered back to the body under the cutting force, which was ideal.

You can see the tapered front.

The piston was a bit rough at the front and back.

So I polished it up.

The machining on the piston is rough. The middle part doesn't matter as it doesn't contact the tube at all.

I only noticed that odd trigger spring contructed from flat spring steel when it fell out of the stock an onto the floor. This is where it goes. The rest of the rifle goes back together in reverse of disassembly.

The rifle was smooth but only about 320fps, which isn't good. So I tore it apart again and took another few thou off of the piston diameter. Put it back together and I'm getting about 520 fps with CPL's which is close enough to the 170 m/s (557 fps) of the factory spec.

Now to figure out a replacement front sight and rebuild the rear sight.


ge1204 said...

Good morning Nick, I'm looking for this Piston seal to my slavia 630 and can not find to buy here in Brazil, prepares you to sell?
Please contact me

Felice Luftschein said...

I can't sell them as they take too mcu time to make. You can still get them from CZ in the Czech republic,
or from DL airguns in Canada:

mihai said...

thank`s man :) you are the best

Alexanger said...

Hi, I have Slavia 630 to. But I get it without sear. Also piston seal is broken too. I wont to made them by myself. But I can't find any drawings of them. Could you send me a photos (or drawings, if you have it) of sear and piston seal please.
My mail is:
PS: Sorry for my English.

Rudolf Kovarik said...
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