Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Prototype Roll Pin Pusher

This is an idea I've had for a while as a way to avoid hammering roll pins out.

Marking the parts.

Spot drilling.

Drilling under 1/2"

Reaming 1/2"+

Flip the parts and use a dowel pin to align the previously drilled holes.

Reamed halfway through, the other part is just drilled to 1/2"-13 tap drill.

Some other holes..

Slotting the parts.

I almost slotted into the one hole that doesn't need slotting...

But instead needs tapping.

Drilled and reamed 1/4" the end of some 1/2" all thread.

Facing some 1/2" diameter tubing.

Making a 1/4" shank, roll pin punch.

Small pilot on the end slips inside the roll pin.

In use pushing out a roll pin from a Sheridan forearm.

Hmmm. I suspected the end of the tube would do that. I'm not upset as you'll notice that the forearm already has a huge chunk out of it. I bought the Sheridan for $35.00 at a gun show. My plan is to make or replace the forearm.

I made a slip fit delrin pad for the end.

Just a slight pressure mark, I think I'll make a new pad from UHMW or other softer plastic.

The screw needs a handle but two nuts with a wrench work fine for now.

Adjustable...versatile...not a bad father's day project.


Unknown said...


You got the picture drilling and reaming mixed up.

Great blog,I watch it every now and then, you're work is really motivating.

Keep up the good work

With kind regards,


david said...

I used to have Something similar to that tool you made. It was used to remove the rollers and pins from bike chains.
I love your blog and I too like to convert my scrap bits and pieces into useful tools.