Friday, May 15, 2009

Making a Steel Breech for a Crosman 2240, Part 2

On I go. I coated the breech with layout dye and scribed hole locations as insurance against mistakes when counting turns of the hand cranks.

Picking up the bore centerline, steel pin was pressed into the bore.

Picking up the end. You can see the rough finish on the radius.

Spotting the transfer port.



The hole for the front hold down screw was drilled.

The rear screw hole drilled.

Slotting for the cocking pin.

I flipped the breech over and located the end again.

Drilling for one of the two barrel setscrews.

The other one drilled.

Milling out the loading port. Yes I managed to get a sliver of steel in my finger.

Counterboring for the front hold down screw.

Counterboring for the rear hold down screw.

Making progress!

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