Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fabricating a Replacement Sight for a Crosman 101, Part 2

On I go.

Knurling some steel.

Turning down to one diameter.

Then to the screw diameter, and threaded with a die.

Undercutting the thread. I probably didn't need to do this but it's on the drawing...

Parted off.

Mounted on a mandrel and the end faced and chamfered.

Slotting a screw slot.

The drawing shows that it's a plunge in from center rather than a straight cut. Not that it matters.

The finished screw.

It mounts the sight bracket to the rifle.


NolanJunk Blog said...

How much would you sell a replacement sight for? My father gave me my great grandfather's Crosman 101 a month ago. It shoots just fine, but is missing the rear sight.

Felice Luftschein said...

Bryan and Associates sells replacements for much less than I could make one for:
Scroll down to "sights"

Tell them you heard about it on my blog!


NolanJunk Blog said...

Thank you Nick... I actually ran across that link in my searches. I'll let them know you sent me.


Bob said...

I just got done making sights for my Crosman 100 based on your photos. I made all the parts out of brass. Came out great and adds a little "Bling" to an old air rifle.

If there was a way I would add some photos.

Felice Luftschein said...

Great to hear it was of use to you!