Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grip Stippling on the Diana Model 6M

I finally got around to making the grips on my Diana 6M a bit more comfortable. I had left them large so I could fit them to my hand but I never managed to get around to it until now.

I used a pencil to mark the grips where I felt material should be removed. I would fire a few shots and see how my hand was contacting the grips, the repeat the process.

Here was where there was an almost painful rubbing.

So I attacked them with a rasp, then a file and sandpaper.

Once roughly shaped, I remounted them on the pistol and shot a little more...

Getting to here with the left grip ok but the right needing a little more material removed.

Then I decided that Derrick can't have all the stippling fun so I attacked the grips with an awl.

It's insanely tedious.

At this point I wished I started by delineating the area to be stippled, so I did with a triangular file.

Getting there...

Pretty much done. Now often the stippled areas are left oil-less but I like how it looks and they are still pretty grippy.

It looks worse the closer you get...

Then the left grip...

After oiling I again decided that some delineation was warranted.

So I attacked it with a ball bur in the Foredom.

Oiled and rubbed with steel wool.

They don't look bad.

Remounted on the pistol...

It's far more comfortable to shoot now.


Hung said...

Great looking grips. I couldn't imagine how difficult it is to hand make them. Any chance you still have the old grips I can use?

Felice Luftschein said...

The old grips are charred and melted unfortunately. Beyond repair. I've seen grips for sale on the forums and on gunbroker and Auctionarms from time to time. I think some of the grips for the Diana 5 also fit.