Friday, January 16, 2009

A Cocking Handle for My RWS (Diana) Model 45, Part 1

"But Nick, I thought you already made a cocking handle/muzzle brake for your Original (Diana) 45?" Well I did. But I bought a RWS branded Diana 45 at the gun show last week.

Slightly different than the Original 45.

The only flaw, a chiseled out chunk of stock.

Unlike the Original 45, it only has the stamped front sight grooves on top, not underneath as well.

I decided to go even chunkier this time, and make the handle out of steel. Drilling 2" deep.

Following with a 1/2" drill, 2" deep.

Drilling another 1-1/2" deep with the 1/4" bit. Because I drilled out to 1/2" chips had someplace to go.

Drilling 11/16"

Then drilling deeper with the 1/2" bit.

Turning a taper.

Filed and blended.

I milled six grooves with a 5/16" ball end mill.

Finding center.

Drilled 3 holes to tap #4-40.

The 11/16" drill I was using previously wasn't long enough so I finished up with a MT2 shank drill.

I drilled 1//4" from the other end.

Turning a taper on the front.


My new favorite abrasives, 3M bristle wheels.

I used Brownells Dicropan T-4 to blue it. Not done yet!

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