Sunday, December 28, 2008

Reassembling the Crosman 707 Rifle, Part 2

Well, not really reassembly as that was finished last post but here's how I put a new sight on.

The old sight, left, had broken. I was going to modify the sight on the right (found it in my box of parts) until I remembered the pile of Williams sights I bought on Ebay...

I retapped the holes #4-40 using a form tap.

Finding the one hole I'll reuse with a center finder.

Moved over by the sight hole spacing, drilling the screw hole.

The hole countersunk enough that the screw head is below the sight surface.

You can see the new hole.

Because of the band clamp the sight is backwards, if that matters? Note that with the existing blade height I had to have it adjusted all the way down.

Milling the sight slot deeper.

The sight milled down.

Relieving the sight with a ball mill, purely for aesthetic reasons.

The mounted sight. The base of the sight fit the 707 tube radius perfectly, so no need for shims.

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