Sunday, October 5, 2008

Resealing a Diana Model 10, Part 3

On I go...

The pistol action is held in the compressor.

I removed the end cap screw, then the end cap and the sleeve. The sleeve is for contact with the hand.

I used a depth micrometer to determine the gap between the rear seal and the end of the tube, .008". I also measured the distance from the end cap shim and the end of the cap, .422".

The pinion cap screws. I removed them.

I loaded the spring slightly with the compressor. As on the Diana model 6 I used my handy tool, a file tang.

With copper sheet to protect the cap I removed the right hand (looking from the top of the action) cap and pinion gear.

The cap and gear.

The rear piston rack in position.

Twisted up to clear the left hand pinion.

I slackened the compressor and the rear piston came out with the spring.

I pushed the front piston most of the way out with a .125 dameter brass rod through the transfer port. Then I was able to pull it out.

I think the front seal is bad.

The end cap shim and synthetic washer.

The synthetic washer was not in the best shape either.

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