Monday, October 27, 2008

Getting a Crosman 140 Working, Part 5

The safety was bugging me. Rather than make a new perfect one I just compounded my reputation as a hack by doing a Frankenstein on it.

Drilling the lever.

drilled and reamed 1/4" undersize.

The hack, hacksawing.

What one should look like, next to my lever.

Turning a .251 boss.

Milling the slot.

I noticed there's a groove on the stock safety I had, so I added one. There's a small pip on the end of the safety plunger, so this must be for clearance.

I pressed the old lever onto the new safety, with some loctite bearing compound. It should stay put.

I peened the proud end a bit then sanded it flush. Now it is oriented correctly. Not that anyone actually uses the safety on these guns.

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