Thursday, October 16, 2008

Derrick Works his Magic on a Crosman 38T, Part 5

Now Derrick Starts on the palm shelf.

I still need to make the palm shelf for the match grip. A contour gauge will help fit the shelf to the right side.

It's just pressed against the grip and the grip's profile can be transferred.

The line transferred.

Back to the scroll saw.

Here's another piece for the scrap bin. I hated the look and found that the thickness was too difficult to fit to the grip. Nick would call this a prototype. I made several prototypes like this. None of them suited the grip in fit and aesthetics. I took the next few days off and got away from the project.

I tried a much thinner piece of walnut for the shelf this time. I'd started at 1/2" and was now using 1/4".

Cut out.

Went to a sanding drum chucked in the drill press. Just did some quick edge clean up.

You can just see some of the failed pieces on the work bench.

The 1/4" thick palm shelf will be too thin to attach directly to the right grip. I found a use for a piece of "prototype". Just a couple quick cuts to get it mostly rectangular. Not worth it (or safe) to use a power saw on a piece of wood this small.

I'll spare you the drum sanding pics. The block is flat on one side to attach to the bottom of the shelf. And flat at 90 degrees to attach to the gun. I'm not comfortable screwing pieces this thin together. Have you tried this Gorilla Glue stuff? It's stronger than the wood.

Quick eyeball test fit. You still think maybe I have a plan? Seriously, you must be new here.

Glue me baby

I still don't have a plan. Maybe tomorrow.

In a moment of profound forgetfulness of the recent past, some idiot decided that the shelf should be stippled to better match the grips.

I played with the contrast and light to give you a pic of how sharp the stippling texture really is.

I really liked the wax finish, but decided I'd better add a walnut Danish oil to the wood for better protection. This is only one (still wet) coat.

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