Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My BSA Superstar, Part 1

Sometime, at least a decade ago, I traded a Taig lathe for a BSA Superstar in .177 caliber with one of my customers.

The rifle is beautiful, and the first quality air rifle I acquired. I really wish I could remember who I got it from, and the emails between us were lost. It is fitted with a Theoben gas ram spring, although he also sent the original coil spring with the rifle.
Over the years it seems like it's lost power. I put some rounds through the chronograph and it's shooting in the 760 fps range with Crosman Premier Light pellets, which seems slow. It definitely doesn't sound as authoritative as it used to. The guy I bought the rifle from also supplied a Theoben pump, which he never himself used, but assumed that it could be used to increase the power of the ram.
So I figured I'd take the rifle apart, clean it, replace seals and see if I could do anything with the gas ram.
I was somewhat hampered as I found very little information on stripping the BSA, and only one online exploded drawing (From the ever useful Chambers site). But how hard could it be?

The trigger guard and screw need to be removed. The screw is taken out then the guard sort of slides and rotates out of the stock.

The stripped end of the screw troubles me.

The two forward stock screws then are removed.

The plastic end cap was cracked in two places. I have no idea why.

This should be easy to fix.

This cross pin holds the spring in the action and needs to be removed.

First this end plug has to come out.

Both the trigger screw and the scope rail screw have to be removed and then the cap comes out.

It was somewhat stuck. I noticed a socket set screw in the center so I unscrewed it. It didn't appear in the schematic, but I supposed it kept the cross pin from sliding.

The end cap, notice the radius that fits against the cross pin.

As you can see it has a tapped center hole.

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